Since we were at anchor, we needed to tender into the port at Sorrento. Thanks to the crew from both the Artemis and the tender, we all survived boarding and landing. What a pretty town! Francine introduced us to two master craftsmen. The first made Cameo Art, carving jewelry and other pieces from layers of shell chosen to showcase various colors and translucency. Everything was so precise. Beautiful pieces!

We then visited another master craftsman who made beautiful inlaid wood pieces from tiny jewel and music boxes to wall hangings to large pieces of furniture. Once he had decided on a design, he had to choose the best kind of wood for the color, grain and texture for that particular design. Then of course the wood was cut into minute pieces and the inlay picture created. What patience the artisan must have! Ellen bought a small wall hanging depicting old musical instruments.  

Our hosts drove us to their home where we enjoyed their hospitality and lunch. Jorge, Ellen, Fernando, Miriam and Lou headed up a steep, narrow winding road high above the city. Our hosts had a lovely house high on the hillside facing the coast. We had two Miriam’s: our own Miriam and our hostess, Miriam - an ex-dancer. Our host was a recently retired owner of an inlaid wood shop in Sorrento. They have two grown sons. They prepared a wonderful feast for us topped off with Limoncello. They also showed us a jug of a fermenting homemade liquor made from fennel. They like it better than limoncello. Lou had brought his charango and played for our hosts. We all hated to leave but back town we went.

That afternoon we set sail along the Amalfi Coast and we enjoyed spectacular scenery and beautiful homes while relaxing with friends and enjoying the bar. As usual, OAT wanted to make us smart and we had several talks along the way about the history of the area as well as the geological formations of the coast and the islands. Interestingly, there is only one road that runs along the Amalfi coast. By far the most efficient way to access the coastal areas is by boat or yacht.

As we all know, Italians cannot talk without gesturing with their hands. After dinner Davide and Francine gave us a hysterical demonstration of Italian hand talk.