Tickle was ready to get on the road again. She’s a great traveller. Today, we headed toward Boulder City, Nevada. First we stopped to see Trigger (Roy Rogers’ Horse). We next took a tour of the Liberty Sculpture Park. The park is themed after fighting for democracy and freedom for the people of China and of the world, opposing the communist tyranny, and mourning the victims of communism.

The Magical Nipton Outdoor Art Gallery looked like a promising event for us. Alas, it was closed permanently. We did get a few zoom shots in. Did you know that the Hotel California is located there? We wondered if it had anything to do the Eagles’ song that goes by the same name.

The Gold Point Ghost Town was a hoot. It took six years for the owners to rebuilt it and it is now their bread-and-butter. It’s more of a tourist attraction of old buildings dressed with junk collected from the last 100 years. It is a must see attraction!

In Boulder City we were surprised at its cleanliness and quaint shops. There were interesting statues dedicated to the people that built Hoover Dam. We found statues of the Toilet Paper Man, Children on a Bike, a dedication to women, and one to working men.

An alien shop was nearby as well as an Indian trading store. It was over 109°F on the road but we had a great time.

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