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Day 11


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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Our last full day in our floating hotel! After breakfast, Isabelle took us on a walk of the little port city of Honfleur, once a busy port. However it has been displaced by La Havre and is now mostly a harbor for pleasure boats surrounded by dozens of waterfront cafes. Honfleur went back and forth between the French and English in the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). It has tiny streets and tons of old buildings. We visited St. Catherine’s Church, which looks like an upside-down ship hull. Why? It was build by shipbuilders, the only folks who had any building skill. It’s bell tower is not on the church. Why? It weighed too much to be supported by the church’s roof.


In the afternoon, we retraced our steps to the Museum of Ethnography. There were several rooms both upstairs and down. We had fun trying our the phone app translate with the docent on the second floor. Leaving the museum, of course we had to have our pictures taken in the jail. We then went around the corner to the Marine Museum. Lots of beautiful model ships. One of the interesting pieces was a tiered set of trays on a litter carried around town on men’s shoulders. It was for consecrated bread for the sailors returning from fishing trips to Newfoundland.  


We enjoyed a beer in one of the harbor cafe’s before heading back to the ship to pack and get ready for the Captain’s Dinner. The dinner speaks for itself. See the video below.  


The last night’s entertainment was karaoke. Jorge played and met the ship’s guitar-playing-dishwasher. The two disappeared until Ellen came to remind Jorge that we would be leaving really early the next morning.

Men at Work

Old Jail and Museum

Rich Man’s House

Tour Group by Jail

Corner View

Park Your Boat

Tour Group

Under Repair

Harbor Panorama

Bell Tower is Across the Street from the Church

Inside Church

Carpentry Tools

Tight Quarters

View from the Other Side

The Bizet is Docked

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