M/S Bizet

Day 2


City of Light

Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Room 330

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Room 330

After being picked up at the airport by a Grand Circle representative we were taken to the M/S Bizet to embark. The ship will be our hotel and tour boat on the historic river Seine.


We unpacked and much to our surprise found a place for everything in our little cabin. After lunch our guide Isabelle Gauthier took us on a neighborhood acclimation tour, pointing points of interest and giving us hands-on experience with using both bus 47 and the train (R & R), both take us into the sightseeing areas of Paris. When using the R & R, one must keep the ticket because it is needed again to exit the R & R. No one wanted to miss the boat trip because of being locked in the R & R. We walked through Citroen Park and watched many Parisians enjoying it. She also showed us the market, pharmacy, the liquor store and other places we might need to visit. Back on ship we had a welcome drink with our program director and were introduced to the crew. An absolutely delicious dinner, but far too many courses for us sleep-deprived travelers. After dinner, Jorge played his guitar on the deck just to amuse himself.

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Above are  maps that show the location of our ship, the M/S Bizet.

Panoramic Lounge

New Friends

Top View from the M/S Bizet

Panoramic of the top Deck of the M/S Bizet

Isabelle Gauthier

Tour Director and Red Group Docent

Paris Train Map

Red Group

French Restaurant by the dock on the Seine River.

Train Bridge going to downtown Paris.

It had been raining a lot in Paris but when the sun came out everyone seemed to be in the park!

The Eiffel Tower at night from the top deck of the M/S Bizet. It was raining.

A panoramic view of the Eiffel Tower and the local evening life.

Balloon with a view from the top windows.

The French definitely enjoy the night life!

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