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Day 6

Vernon • Giverny

Claude Monet Tour

Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Today we visited the lovely village of Giveny where the impressionist painter, Claude Monet lived and painted for 43 years. He first saw the village from a train window and knew that was where he wanted to be. We visited his gorgeous gardens which are still planted in the way that inspired his paintings. It was raining, but the rain made the flowers even more brilliant and of course had the wonderful earthy, clean smell. We were also able to wander through his comfortable and spacious home, filled with original furniture and many impressionist paintings (reproductions, I hope) and up to the church where he was buried.


Later in afternoon we went to our home-hosted visit in Vernon. Eight of us were met by the most charming woman, Anne, who spoke beautiful English. We went through a small entranceway and climbed steps to a second-floor courtyard. She invited us into her living room and asked whether we wanted to see the kitchen. Eight sets of eyes popped and mouths dropped. It was one of the largest and beautifully appointed kitchens we had ever seen and wonderful smells were coming from it. She introduced us to chouquettes, fresh from the oven, hot and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Ten-year old Gabriel and 4-year old, Hortense arrived from school. Gabriel had some food and settled down to his homework. Hortense proceeded to  entertain the guests. She was as cute as could be and absolutely aware of it. Wonderful visit!


After dinner, Evelyne, a singer with a throaty nightclub type voice came on board to entertain us. Some of us even danced.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Bridge

A Regular Garden Pathway


Walking the Garden

Tree in the Garden

Rest Area

Garden Pano

Garden Path

Garden Pano


Painting Room

Painting Room



Dining Room Art

Dining Room


The Bizet has a Buddy

Living Room

Super Kitchen

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