M/S Bizet

Day 9

Rouen • Honfleur

Honfeur Tour

Sunday, May 15, 2016

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We Left the Boat in Caudebec

After Fecamp Map

Beach Map of Entretat

Daily Menu

After breakfast as we sailed toward Caudebec, we all met in the lounge for disembarkation instructions. Later that morning the chef gave a cooking demonstration with Sybil as his assistant. He made a small tarte tatin with a ton of steps. After he had kneaded and rolled out the dough, he then put half a pound of butter in the middle of it, folded it and kneaded it again. Rich! Rich! Rich. He will be making them en masse for our dessert tonight. I believe he will have to make between 12 to 15 more tartes! That galley crew really works. We opted for an optional excursion to Fecamp and Entretat.  


At Fecamp we visited the Benedictine Palace. Definitely not a monastery. It’s a palace built in 1892 and rebuilt after a fire in 1900. It houses both a museum and the factory for making the Benedictine liqueur. A docent showed us the lovely halls and art work as she explained the history of the building and the liqueur. Naturally we got a taste. Before we left, Ellen visited the ladies’ room and carefully opened her purse, placed her cell phone on top, and set it in the sink making sure that the water was turned off. When getting ready to leave she accidentally turned on the water and drowned the purse including the cell phone. Even two days in a bag of rice would not bring it back to life. Thank heavens for Apple Care.


We then went to the beach town of Entretat. Since it was a hot, sunny Sunday, the town was crowded with beach goers. The French really know how to enjoy their beaches.  We wandered around the beach and opted not to take the hike up a hill to a lovely little church. A beer at a cafe sounded more appealing.  


The ship was waiting for us at Honfleur, our final port. That night the crew put on a show for us. Absolutely delightful, zany skits. They all seemed to be having a great time.  We loved it and we love the crew.

The River Seine

Interested Audience

Tree House

A Sea Port

Palais Courtyard

Art Hall


Horns on the Wall

Art Hall

Stained Glass Window

Secure Chests

Conference Hall

Baptismal Hall

Brewing Spirits

Old Work Hall



on a Hill

by the



Anticipating Audience

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