Gallup NM to Santa Rosa NM

Jan 6


Before leaving Gallup NM we drove past the Galoop. It is an enormous loop that looks as if it should be part of a giant Hot Wheels track. There is no plaque or information assigned to it. We got the name off the internet at Roadside America. What is it with Gallup NM?

We headed south out of Gallup toward Fence Lake NM. We wanted to see what the outback looked like and discovered a beautiful drive. As for Fence Lake, well…there’s not much there. The 2010 census claimed a population of 43. We actually wondered why anyone was there. It goes to prove that everybody has a place called home. On the way we saw some satellite dishes painted to look like Indian baskets. Naturally, they were at an Indian Trading Post.

We headed back to I-40 and drove through El Malpais (“The Bad Country”) National Conservation Area [which adjoins the El Malpais National Monument]. It was established in 1987. One very cool sight we visited is La Ventana (“The Window”) Arch.


Tickle hiked with us and seemed to really enjoy herself. She travels easily. One plant we stayed away from is called the Cholla Cactus. That thing has lots of spiky thorns in it. Check out that photo to the left.

After taking our scenic route we returned to civilization, a rude awakening. Check out that convertible SUV. Still we love the road.


So, we had to stop at the Route 66 Historical Automobile Museum in Santa Rose NM. You can’t miss it with that yellow hot rod on top of a post out front. There was an Edsel too with added front and rear attachments. It was ahead of its time. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures we are sharing from the museum.

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