Lexington KY to Lexington VA

Jan 11


We’ve gone through northern West Virginia a few times but decided to take the route to Lexington VA where Ellen’s cousin Rex Lamb and his wife live. They insisted that we spend the night. Jorge suspects that Ellen’s insistence of this route was to visit an actual coal mine that takes you down in a train. It’s as if she is still 10 years old. “I know if I don’t go I’ll just die!” Kids.


All the people all working there were former miners or worked with miners…including our docent. What a wonderful, living character!

Sixteen Tons was a hit by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Jorge hoped to have such a voice as an adult but it was not to be. The text to the left explains lots about why the song was so popular and universally understood.

We took that mine ride with a bunch of 3rd grade students. The children were great. Our docent, who never did identify himself, was a hoot! Yes, he had been a real miner beginning at the age of 8. He teased the children about why they where working in the coal mine.


There’s a small coal mine village with a docent in every room giving a living explanation of what coal mine life about. Some were miners, teachers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters…they all grew up and lived all their lives in the coal camps. We recommend that if you are ever in Beckley WV you take a trip to their Exhibition Coal Mine & Camp.

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