Mt. Vernon IL to Lexington KY

Jan 10


As most towns do, Mt. Vernon IL has a visiting center. Supposedly, there’s a small replica of the Washington Monument. We couldn’t locate it but we did find these dandy signs stuck together as art.


Today we went through farm country. So you will see plenty of farm equipment. Jorge always wanted a motorized lawn mower. He said it would make any man a happy man. First, he needs a big lawn and, secondly, needs to stop watching the movie Forest Gump. Anyway, the road was much more interesting than taking the interstate highways. Hey, check out those dogs in the golf cart below!


We passed under a couple of pipe lines and they didn’t look as if they were transporting oil. Maybe natural gas?

Before lunch in Owensboro KY we headed out to take a couple of drive-by shots (with the camera). The first is obviously a copy of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. This statue sits in front of a gift shop. Hmm, what to buy, what to purchase? Deep Thoughts!


Next we captured a statue of a man with a top hat and a tux. He was standing in a yard waving. We don’t know why he is there.

Often we unintentionally discover gems on our trip. The Civil War Museum and Old Town Village in Bardstown KY is one…but it is more! It is located on Museum Row. A ticket gets you into the Civil War Museum of the Western Theatre, the Women of the Civil War Museum, the Old Village and a couple more.


We’ll have to try a distillery tour when it’s open (not on Mondays). Bourbon making and drinking is big in Kentucky.

Tickle loved walking around the Old Village. Jorge likes to walk her because he gets lots of warm attention from lady tourist. Anyway, you could walk into most buildings and everything was well labeled. You’ll see a tannery with a working water wheel too.


It was a warm day, good for ice cream and kids playing at a local fountain. Splash, splash! Driving through Lexington KY we spotted a huge, colorful painting of Abe Lincoln. Hmm? See Martin Castle below? Today, it’s a bed and breakfast.

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