Carthage MO to Mt. Vernon IL

Jan 9


Since traveling together for the last eight years we have only had one flat tire. It was a slow leak and we didn’t notice it until we exited the museum we were visiting. That was some years ago and AAA came by to replace the tire. Jorge thinks that, since it’s Ellen’s vehicle, that maybe she should have replaced the tire herself. We wouldn’t have lasted as a couple for very long. Click on that photo with the rusty car on two poles to see what we mean.


The CrapDuster airplane is a piece of art made by Lowell Davis in 1997. We read that he lives a tumultuous life and may someday come back to collect his artwork when he gets himself together.


There are lots of cows on these back road farms. Lots! We caught a couple taking a bath…obviously, living la vida loca.


There’s a home using bicycles for a fence. See the picture below. Also, we found a large fork by a building whose company closely associates itself with the food industry. It is 35 feet tall and weighs 11 tons. Remember when one once teased, “Gag me with a fork!” It’s in the town of Springfield MO.


Leaving the area we encountered a weird bridge in which the traffic pattern was reversed…and only for that bridge. Very odd!


We saw a replica of the Hubble Telescope in Marshfield MO located in front of the city courthouse. Guess where Hubble was born?

We drove off to see a round sign advertising guns and ammo. They firmly believe in the right of people to bear and own arms.


It’s Sunday and the bikers are out having fun too. We caught the picture of one (a female) advertising her group’s beliefs. That’s called freedom of speech.


We landed at the Jesse James Wax Museum. Tickle rested inside the museum store. We couldn’t take pictures inside the museum. Hence, you’ll find Ellen with a one-arm bandit and the proprietor. It’s a small museum with few wax figures but they try to convince you that Jesse was alive and well living to 103 in 1951.

We heard about a big eye in St. Louis MO. So we headed for the Laumeir Sculpture Park and were stunned to find so many crazy and wonderful works of art. Yes, there was a very, very big, blue eye. Click on that picture above and make sure you aren’t seeing double.


Currently, there are 60 sculptures of various sizes, materials, forms and unusual ideas. There was no way we could go through the entire place this day as we arrived late and wanted to get to our hotel room but we must return someday.


This Sunday drive through St. Louis was uneventful until it came to crossing the Mississippi River. Lots of vehicles insisted on going our way. As you know, when traveling, every once in awhile we must make a stop at a gas station.


We chose a small town to go through to find it. Then, when we were ready to go, we were stopped by a policeman. A poor red headed, young female wrapped her nice red pickup around a pole. She was fine and cried on the side. Again, safety is a must. Tickle didn’t even notice. You can see her resting in her travel bed.

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