Day 4 ~ May 3



Houston TX

As we started out today we noticed a small car with a funny setup on its hood. It was one of the many cars used by Google to improve its maps. Specifically, it was taking surround photos as it drove by. Very cool!

We stopped in Rayne LA to admire its frogs, as the town is known as the Frog Capital of the World! Winchester VA has apples and Rayne has frogs. There are more frogs pictured here and each is adorable! See Ellen pictured with Officer Ribbit.

At an accordion shop we found a big guitar out front. Why is he accordion missing?

There was a big rig that landed in the middle divider today. When we drove by they were cleaning things up. It looked as if the driver was helping and nobody got hurt, we think. Safety first!

A long time ago we drove by the world’s largest working fire hydrant but it was raining so we didn’t stop. Today, Tickle got to enjoy it. Check out those pictures!

Yes, in Houston TX we drove a bit out of the way to take a picture of a car being crushed by a sledge hammer. Who thinks of these things! Very funny!