Day 7 ~ May 6



Phoenix AZ

One thing you can count on while driving through New Mexico is billboard ads. They seem to come in bursts. ‘The Thing?’ is one of those billboard ads we always look for. There are so many of them!

Years ago we visited it and were unimpressed. Later we went again and it was a super, state of the art exhibit of dinosaurs and space aliens. We suggest that people go there. On this trip, before we reached it, we took a different route by branching off Interstate 10 onto U.S. Route 70.

We really do prefer driving the back roads. One gets to see so many beautiful sites. Of course, there are a few derelict structures also. What’s the Old West if you don’t find a ghost shack here and there?

Duncan AZ and Globe AZ are gems of towns. Although both are known for copper mining they are very different. 

Today we arrived early at our hotel to start working on the website. Then we took a break and drove to see our friends, Lynda Cohen and Bob Grappel. We have not seen them since the pre-COVID-19 days. The conversation was lively and the dinner was good. Now that we can travel again maybe will visit other good friends too!