Day 5 ~ May 4



Ozona TX

We saw a ferris wheel just off the freeway in the middle of Houston TX. It is part of what is called the Aquarium Downtown. We may visit it someday.

Along the way we saw some interesting traffic and places. See the photos. We were keen to get to the town of Ingram TX. We took pictures of some cute shops. However, the best surprise was found on the campus of the Hill County Arts Foundation.

There are two replicas of the Moai statues of Easter Island and a (2/3 size) version of what Stonehenge might look like with more stones. It  definitely is not an exact replica of the original. It is not oriented to the sun as the real thing. Also it was built with steel, concrete and plaster.

Stonehenge II was conceived by Al Shepherd. The Moai were added later after he visited Easter Island. According to wikipedia, future plans for Stonehenge II include the addition of a dance floor, benches, and sidewalks to the site. What a hoot!