Day 6 ~ May 5



Las Cruces NM

We met the owner of Pepe’s Cafe this morning. He said his name was Alfredo. He painted the artwork that hung on the walls. One was signed Tovar. So, that must be his last name. He said he liked Rock and Roll. The Mick Jagger painted of him working the puppet of Keith Richards shows a sense of humor. Jimmy Hendrix is usually pictured with a guitar but here he is in front of a mic. How subtle! Alfredo paints an unhappy Alice in Wonderland (referencing Jefferson Airplane’sWhite Rabbit’). He knows his music. Stop by his cafe and look for him. You’ll enjoy the conversation! The food is excellent too!

Today there are only ruins left at Fort Lancaster. The fort has the valued history of being the only Texas fort attacked by Indians. Also, it had camels. The Buffalo Soldiers were there too. It’s one of many historical forts built to protect travelers between San Antonio and El Paso.

The scenery changed as we drove and it is as we think of the West hot and dry with cacti everywhere. It’s always fun trying to be the first one to spot a real gulch! Jorge won as Ellen was on a Zoom meeting.

The Pecos County Safety Rest Area cost about a million dollars to build. We were told by a caretaker that there are 80 such rest stops in the state and that 80 more are being built! Along with their restrooms you’ll find a hiking nature trail and educational exhibits. Also, it is manned by someone 24/7. Wow!