We spent the night at the Bent Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Copper Hill VA. It is operated by a very nice couple named Jessie and Bonniee, their three horses, two dogs (Stormy, a giant black German shepherd and Lillie,a Shih-tzu) plus several cats. It was so luxurious that we almost decided not to go to the Floyd Country Store the night before. We are thinking of spending a weekend there in the future.


On the stats side: We covered 3,105 miles. We averaged 341 miles daily. Our economy speed was 20.8 mpg. Total gallons used: 149. The average cost of gasoline was $2.00 per gallon. Ellen purchased the cheapest gas at $1.689 per gallon in Yukon OK. Total cost for gas: $318. Not bad! By-the-way, Ellen also paid for the most expensive gas in California: $2.759 per gallon. No surprise there!