Today we took the liberty of traveling a different road. We usually take the Pearblossom Highway but decided to do the Mojave to Barstow ride. It seems like an obtuse way to go but  the speed limit is faster and it went well. Today the wind was kicking up and the dusting was flying. On Wednesday Ellen picked me up and we had lunch at In-and-Out Burgers. Today we ate at Fat Burger. When we get to Winchester we’ll have a burger at Five Guys. We have decided that In-and-Out is #1. Five Guys takes second place and Fat Burger takes third. Ask us sometime and we’d be happy to tell you what our criteria were. The ratings were so close!

Here we are already packed with Tickle in her kennel. Yes, she travels very well. We left Oxnard and saw the people working in the fields picking fruit. Must be a touch life but somebody has to do it. Se habla español. We love the big farm equipment. If memory serves me right, in olden days an ox could plow 1 to 3 acres a day. You’ll recognize Magic Mountain and Highway 14 going north.


Jorge loves taking picturs of quarries. Yes, he is odd.


We drove through Mojave and saw what we think was an airplane boneyard. And then we passed Edwards Airforce Base. Boy, was it windy and dusty!

You never saw so many giant windmills than near Mojave…more than at Cabezon near Palm Springs. We arrived in Barstow and proceeded to enjoy lunch at Fat Burger. Afterwards we visited the Big Fireman Helmet dedicated to those fireman who gave their lives on 9/11/2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City. Nearby was the Old Woman Meterite housed in the Desert Discovery Center. It doesn’t look like an old woman. It was found on Old Woman Mountain. It was a cute museum basically engineered to attract youngsters. On the way out Ellen found herself acting as a human sundial. Inside the sundial oval were boxes with months adjusted to the changing time including taking into account Daylight Savings Time. It worked pretty well. As we headed toward Needles to our hotel. Jorge’s camera broke and then the internet was down city-wide. We finally upoaded the pages.

Click on an image below to see the enlarged version.

All of these arr art work displayed at the Desert Discovery Center.