We drove through Kingsport to see a neat hot dog/hamburger joint and a tall Indian. Gaudy but fun! Lots of the shots are  from our car windows. Someday Jorge is going to stop by the big guitar shop.


In Saltville we found the Museum of the Middle Appalachians. It is a little place well done and with big ambitions trying to cover pre-history, pioneer and Indian times, the Civil War and the discovery of salt mines. A little geology and some old timey music is included too. Harry Haynes is the curator and a very informative man dedicated to the museum.


He recommended our trip continue the back way through a great sightseeing road.  Here’s where dem dar hillbillys live!

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Enough cannot be said about the local humor. Check out the cut-out read jumping over a fence. Deer may be cute but if you know anyting about them you know that they are pests to your gardens.


We turned right and went through the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel to get back on I-81 and head toward our bed & breakfast in Copper Hill VA. We wanted to get there early to check in and then drive to the Floyd Country Store renowned as the Home of the Friday Night Jamboree.


We got to the store just as tickets went on sale and even then we had to wait in line. The show doesn’t start until 6:30 p.m. but if you get your tickets early you can claim your seats by placing your coats on them.

The first group was Josh Times Two. The were a Gospel group and they performed traditional and original songs. Their playing harmonies were superb! And their original songs were top-notch. This is called talent on loan from God!


At 7:30 the local dance band started playing. The floor rumbled and bodies started rushing toward the dance floor! Everyone, 3-year olds to 93-year olds had their dancing shoes on…with taps!

Leaving Floyd we witnessed a Tai dinner festivity with a couple performing a weapons form somewhat similar to Ellen’s Tai-Chi saber form.