We’ve all heard it said that life is short. Sometimes it is unexpectedly short. Today we witnessed a horrific accident, after the fact. For us the highway was 45 minute parking lot until we saw it. All vehicles, both ways, we’re routed off the highway at the bridge and we got on again.


Several vehicles including big rigs, campers and SUV’s, trucks  were involved. From the looks of it we’re guessing that some did not make it.


It was a sobering ride this morning. It rained and rained. As for us, we count our lucky stars that our timing didn’t include us in this accident. We continued on our way hoping and praying for the best for everyone.

Beale Street in Memphis is known for it Blues tradition. Today, we chose to take a tour of the Gibson guitar manufacturer. We were not allowed to take photos and had to wear safety glasses inside the factory. Saw dust was all over the floor. Most of the workers didn’t wear masks because water mist drops from the ceiling damped the dust from flying around.


We had an up-close look at the intricate process of binding, neck-fitting, painting, buffing and fine tuning that turns a piece of wood into a masterpiece like B.B King’s guitar named Lucille. We were allowed to touch some specimens under construction. 85 to 90 workers are at the plant M-F for eight-hour shifts.

Sun Records opened for business in March of 1952. Sam Phillips was the founder. Little did he guess that his garage operation would make history by recording the likes of such influential musicians as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash…and many more blues artists. Eventually the recording studio was moved to a building that Phillips owned. Yep, the original studio was rented. It became a laundromat, a scuba diving shop and three or more other things. It remains in business as Sun Entertainment Corporation, and currently licenses its brand and classic hit recordings. Its website sells collectible items and compact discs bearing the original 1950s Sun logo.

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