We’ve taken I-40 going East many times and we’ve also taken the Road the Oatman (a living ghost town in Arizona). This time we decided to go through Bullhead City to see if we would find some interesting things. Bingo! We found a giant turtle! It is situated in Bulhead City where they launch boats into the Colorado River just across from Laughlin NV.


In this same area was the Heritage Center City Community Park. including the Lil’ Red School House dating back to 1947. It was Bullhead City’s first school house.


Jorge quickly bacame the teacher’s pet and tried to kiss her every chance he got!

Across the Colorado River in Laughlin NV one could easily spot a very big River Boat Casino. Did we mention that it was a big, big river boat. Okay, it’s just a building with a great facade!


About ten miles out of Bullhead City, heading east, one can easily spot Finger Rock. Funny how it only takes one finger to say a whole lot!


Then we were on the road again. We each drove about an hour and a half at a time. That keeps us alert and safe. We thought the funniest site was the fellow with the fancy umbrella on a bike.

After connecting back to I-40 in Kingman, AZ we headed to the Road Kill Cafe in Seligman, AZ. The company’s motto is You Kill it, We Cook It. It’s all in fun, of course. When we went in the weather was pleasant. When we came out it was butt cold. It looked as if rain were coming. The winds from the previous day were still kicking up. It did rain some but it got the bugs off the windshield and before you knew it a rainbow broke out.


Jorge got another camera while driving through Bullhead City but he now has the problem of getting extra batteries. Life is not easy on the road. Ha!