Day 10

Sa Oct 15

Madison AL to Johnson City TN

We drove through Huntsville AL and were not tempted to visit their space museum because we had been there previously. Instead, we headed to a place where, if you like milk or ice cream and you are close to Athens TN, you must stop to tour the Mayfield Dairy Farm.


We couldn’t take pictures of the inside of the facilities but we found this great little video you can see on the right. After our tour we had some ice cream. Jorge always gets Vanilla. Ellen is always more adventurous and this time went for the Blueberry Cream.

Jorge found some grayscale pictures in the lobby and touched them up. There is no work on Saturdays so we didn’t see much going on during our tour except lots of bottles running around on conveyers and tracks. Who thinks of these things and then creates them?!?

Today’s ride was a long one so we only had one destination in mind. However, there’s always pictures to be gotten from the road. Throughout our trip we have found lots of Halloween stuff in private and public houses alike. People are preparing for the big day at the end of the month.


Then there are the common things we see. Ads, sculptures of various sizes, interesting buildings and such. The most unique is always the human kind. There were a couple of girls at the dairy eating ice cream and the had oddly colored hair. Okay. So did you see the picture of the fellow (slide on the right) holding a cellphone in one hand, a Bible in the other…and his pants falling down!