Day 6

Tu Oct 11

Clovis NM to Wichita Falls TX

We could not leave Clovis NM without visiting the Norman and Vi Petty Museum of Rock and Roll. Yes, out here in the middle of nowhere is where some of the greats were recorded: Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Chubby Checker and so many more. Remember the song Devil or Angel? How about Wheels?


We were astonished at how many records came out of this studio. In 1963 Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs released their hit song, Sugar Shack. It was recorded here! Even Lawrence Welk paid tribute to the song by arranging his own version of the song to play on television.


Check out the videos below for more information.

Living the dream!

After leaving this wonderful Rock and Roll museum we headed to the Crosby County Pioneer Memorial Museum in Crosbyton TX. Starting off we went to check out a replica of the home of the areas first settler by the name of Heinrich Schmitt. The real home is a few miles out of town and very run down. On the museum premises is a large hall with a stage. We were told that it is used for school culminations and graduations. Unfortunately, we were only able to shoot a few pictures at this museum. However, we highly recommend it.

Across the street from the museum previously mentioned exists the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum! Joe Taylor is the hard working force in this museum.


Before turning to archeology he was an artist and you have most likely seen his work on posters throughout the world. He painted them for advertising record companies.


Nowadays he is attempting to prove that dinosaurs and people coexisted, that Noah had dinosaurs on his Ark, and that there really had lived giant men. He means like 14 feet tall!  He claims that there really were tall men such as Goliath of the Bible. It was a nice museum.

You can’t make this up. As we passed a city or county jail we witnessed two inmates painting the jailhouse bars. It was a beautiful, stressless drive to Wichita Falls TX. We found a very large shovel. Then we parked and walked to see the Wichita Falls (man-made) at Lucy Park. The only thing missing was the water. Then we took pictures of the smallest skyscraper in the world built by a con-man. Yes, you can’t make this up!