Day 3

Sa Oct 8

Winslow AZ to Albuquerque NM

Traveling in the West can be dauntingly long and tedious…and yet, beautiful. There are lots of dilapidated structures and abandoned vehicles which makes us wonder about the people whose lives lived within them. There’s a story to be told for every relic we find.

While in Gallup NM, Jorge decided that he needed new boots. His 10 year old ones were falling apart. He shopped as a woman does by trying out pair after pair. Well, comfort is important if you plan to have work boots that last. Then we headed to Albuquerque to find the newly renovated (opened as of April this year) Pueblo Indian Cultural Center.


We highly recommend a visit if you are interested in seeing a museum that covers many aspects of the 19 New Mexican Indian pueblos.. It is build a bit like an enclosed horseshoe. The opened middle has an outdoor court yard for entertainment and educational demonstrations of Indian dancing and other festivities including celebration such as…Octoberfest!


The round part of the horseshoe holds an indoor museum. And there are various other rooms for galleries, meetings, a gift shop, a restaurant plus offices. Very nice!

Great effort and thought went into demonstrating that the Pueblo Indian Culture was very much tied to the earth and nature…its seasons and its animals along with their creator’s blessings. It was all easy to assimilate…well done!