Day 2

F Oct 7

Bullhead City AZ to Winslow AZ

We had a nice, free breakfast at our hotel and headed to Staples in Kingman because our travel printer was low on ink. Across the Colorado River in Nevada there is a casino with the most interesting facade. The Colorado Belle looks like the world’s biggest riverboat. It goes nowhere…it’s a building.


On the way we took pictures of the offending rock giving travelers the middle finger. Very funny!


The road traverses directly across the middle of Gold Valley. That’s its name but we saw nothing but what Ellen calls desert rats living there. To tell the truth, we love going through places like this. There must be something wrong with our psyche but it is fun driving through there.

After acquiring the ink for our tiny bluetooth printer we headed for the Powerhouse Visitor Center and Museum. Upstairs there was a tribute to travelers heading to and through Kingman AZ starting from covered wagon days, to the great depression era and the Highway 66.


There was also an exhibit of electric cars. One of the funniest was the golf cart that Willie Nelson used…made by Rolls Royce! The building itself began as an electrical powerhouse. Now it is a popular museum and visitor center.

We’ve driven through Seligman AZ several times and have often eaten at the Road Kill Cafe where their motto is: You kill it, we cook it. Today, we chose to eat across the street at Lilo’s and had a great meal.

Bearizona Wildlife Park is divided into a drive-through and a walk-through. You are monitored the entire time through the drive-through with employees reminding tourists to close windows and keep the automobile moving around wolves and bears. Halloween was the theme through the walk-through section. People were dressed for the occasion. Did you know that bears love to eat pumpkin?