Day 5

M Oct 10

Santa Fe NM to Clovis NM

Today’s travels included a stop by a hand holding (or crushing) a big mailbox. The address on the mailbox is that of the local airport but we don’t think it is actually used. In the field behind this item were two odd, worm looking things with legs, spiked backs and no heads. Weird.


Not wishing to take I-40 we crossed right over and headed toward Fort Sumner which was named for the fort built in 1862 to guard the Bosque Redondo Indian Reservation. The town of Fort Sumner grew out of settlements clustering around the Maxwell family properties. It moved to the present site with the construction of the Belén Cutoff of the Santa Fe Railroad around 1907.


What we wanted to see is the Billy the Kid Museum. He may have been a scum, bushwhacking, murdering thug in his day but in death he is a money maker. One can only wonder what he would have thought of his legacy?

The museum went beyond just Billy the Kid and covered western history since his life began and ended. There was lots to see but we didn’t get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. Highly recommended!

Actual burial site in old Fort Sumner cemetery. Photo found online.

We learned about a song written and recorded by Vernon Dalhart about Billy the Kid. The museum exhibited a couple original records and a handwritten score sheet. Below is the remastered edition. Also, we discover a ukulin. What is that!?! Check it out below. Wow!