Day 11

Su Oct 16

Johnson City TN to Winchester VA

Our main objective today was to get home to Winchester VA but we decided to drop by the Natural Bridge Zoo first. On our last trip we skipped it to go to the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs II which is located across the street. We made it to the zoo and cannot say that it was a great one. It did have some exotic animals but, for the most part, they were hiding or not there. We don’t know. We’re not sure we would recommend it as a place to visit on its own.


You’ll notice that we drove by a TA (traffic accident) today. We usually drive by one or two on our trips across the country. We were hoping to avoid seeing one but it happens. Click on the picture above, to the right. We don’t know what happened to the occupants but these guys look as if they are trying to figure out how to remove the car. A second car was already being loaded onto a flatbed. It reminds us that safety is our main concern while traveling around the country and enjoying its beauty and wonderful people.

We arrived in Winchester VA safe and sound. The laundry machine is working, Jorge is running around in shorts and Ellen is unpacking. Tickle is running around wagging her tail. She knows she is home and not in some hotel room.


Of all our trips, we had the best weather going across the United States. When it did rain, it was at night. While driving we had a couple of light sprinkles — enough to wipe bugs off the windshield. We hope you’ve enjoyed our photographs as much as we enjoyed our entire trip!