We usually drive for miles to see and take pictures of interesting stuff. Right around the corner, as we left we spotted a couple of homes with Halloween decorations. Neat! Jorge will be back to see if they light up as well in the evening darkness.

Zip! A small white car cut us off and did the same to others on the road. Before you could wink the long arm of the law had caught the offender. That’s quick justice. We cheered.

Today we actually went through Palmdale CA because it was the only way to get to the vista point of the beautiful  California Aqueduct. It was out of this world and included a good view of the Antelope Valley.

A large new attraction we noticed in Palmdale was a water park with many water slides. The Dry Town Water Park is huge. What fun!

Although we couldn’t smell anything burning we did notice that the there was a haze in the atmosphere. The sky looked smokey white. Otherwise, we enjoyed our ride. There didn’t seem to be as much traffic going out of town. Maybe the COVID-19 virus had something to do with that?

One of our favorite stops for lunch is the In-N-Out Burger establishment in Barstow, CA. We think that they make the best burgers in the world. Five Guys would be number two (but with the best fries) and Fat Burger would follow but only because they serve such huge burgers. Burp!

There’s a business in Daggett CA named Rusty Empire that we had not seem before. We looked to our right and saw many dinosaurs of every type. We’ll have to go back and check it out next time we drive by this way. It looked like a dinosaur factory.

We’ve been to Seligmen AZ often. We arrived too late for lunch but loved the ice cream at Delgadillo’s. Ellen asked for a straw and a hand full of hay came back. Very funny people!

We hadn’t seen the International Kadampa Retreat Center either and we were lucky to get a photo of it. Yep, it’s a meditation place with Buddhists giving classes and, perhaps, making a little money for their faith.

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