Jorge takes a burst of pictures when he clicks his camera button. So, yes, he took nearly 2,000 pictures today. Today’s lot is mostly not worth showing. As expected, it was a rainy day almost all the way from Nashville TN to Radford VA.

We saw several traffic accidents and got a few pictures of those. One suspiciously looked like the car that cut us and everybody else off. He was a little black car that was in a hurry. Our motto: Safety First!

We’ve visited the Knoxville TN Sunsphere previously and got a distant picture of it today. And there was a big cross near Bristol VA along I-81. It was hard to take good pictures due to the rain.

We stopped for gasoline in Chilhowie VA and took a couple of good shots of their Smyth County Visitor Center. In the same gas station Jorge spoke to a Hispanic motorcycle club. There must have been 30 people…men and women. They were from Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and other Latin American places. Riding in the rain and smiling!

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