We have saved the best pictures for last! Yes, we planned to beat the rain in getting to Dinosaur Kingdom II and were successful. This tongue-in-cheek location is a hoot!

Those Yankees of the American Civil War never had a chance at Natural Bridge VA. The premise is that the Yanks decided to use dinosaurs as secret weapons in 1864. 

Mark Cline is the creator of the attraction. He is also the designed of Foamhenge. We think it might be interesting to meet him some day and it may be easily done. He gives ghost tours in Lexginton VA.

We first visited Dinosaur Kingdom II five years ago when it first opened. It was still under construction and we spoke with a couple of handymen working at the site. It was a work in progress and we promised ourselves to return. Today was it!

This is a place people should stop to enjoy and laugh. It is located across from the Natural Bridge Zoo. We’ve been to the zoo but think you would better enjoy the fake dinosaurs and fake Yankees.

There’s good news for Ellen too. We arrived at TVOR so that Jorge could help lug the big stuff into her apartment. Oh, the good news is that TVOR has modified its policy of mandatory 14 day quarantine if you travel in from out of state. She may not need to quarantine now. We shall see how that pans out.

We do hope you’ve enjoyed the few pictures we took this time. It has been a quick but fun trip.

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