Our objective for this trip is to get Ellen to TVOR in Virginia in a dash. Then she goes into quarantine for two weeks. Jorge isn’t allowed to stay so he’ll have to fly back. This is a short trip.

Therefore, we are not stopping at many places along the way to take pictures. COVID-19 has closed most museums and we’re trying to stay out of indoor places because of it.

There are restaurants open for sitting inside and the proprietors are cleaning and the workers are using masks. We are all doing out best to keep healthy. 

We took the time to visit the Fort Smith National Cemetery. It’s always nice to respectfully honor those who died for us to keep free. Without their sacrifices we couldn’t travel the roads of America as we do.

We were surprised to find that the city of Fort Smith AR had lots of murals on its city walls. We took a few pictures. Another safe day of travel is in the books!

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