Today’s ride was simple: Go through the Petrified Forest National Park. The added bonus is that you also have to go through the Painted Desert National Park. Very neat and easy.

By the way, although there are lots of big arrows stuck in the desert, the original Two Arrows still exist. The tourist trap associated with it, however, has been defunct for decades. 

The southern entrance is located a few miles southeast of Holbrook AZ. Outside the entrance is a “museum” and petrified items for sale by the locals. 

We had been here before, with our dog Sampson. Now it was Tickle’s turn to visit. A petrified tree is, essentially, a rock. It looks like a part of a tree because that’s how it all began a long time ago.

The Painted Desert National Park is eye candy. There wonderful layers of colors to treat the imagination. We highly recommend a trip to this area.

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