As we left Albuquerque NM this morning we spotted a few hot air balloons flying over the town. The area is known for its balloons. They were far away and we were lucky to get a couple of pictures to show here. 

Russell’s Travel Center is the last exit in New Mexico on I-40 going east. Today we wanted to take Tickle for a walk. We don’t want the little dog to get lonely in her kennel. There is a free car museum inside Russell’s and well worth the stop. We’ve seen it previously so today we only took a few pictures.

In Texas we went to the Cadillac Ranch, ready to start painting cars. Yes, it is allowed and encouraged. One large family came out of their huge RV with cans of paint. Then we realized we left our spray paint cans at home. We’ll have to come back!

We had a lunch at the Big Texan Steak Ranch at a really late hour due to crossing into the Central Time Zone. Yes, we stopped to eat steak and see some local attractions within the ranch.

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