To Indio CA

January 12


We got a big surprise this morning when we went to the Musical Instruments Museum in Phoenix AZ. It was overwhelming in size and scope. They covered just about every instrument on the planet going back to a 4,000 year old Chinese drum!


The special exhibit today was about inlay in guitars and other instruments. We knew right away that there was no way we could do justice to this place. We will have to return to view and listen to each gallery again.


You’ll see many, many photos sliding by today but they won’t even scratch the quantity of treasures. Any music lover will spend hours upon hours enjoying the great variety of musical instruments at this museum.

In the European gallery we found two very cute, miniature orchestras. Click on them to enlarge.

As for the one on the top right, don’t these toy musicians look like real people?

Check out the floating instruments to the right.

We ate lunch at the Iron Horse Grill in Salome AZ because we decided to take a different route by avoiding a big chunk of Interstate 10. Not only was the food excellent but we found a treasure of iron work. It was simply amazing and worth going off the beaten path.

We went looking for the tomb of Hi Jolly in Quartzsite AZ. You can click on the pictures above to find out more about him. It shows how history can affect a personal life and sometimes for the better.


Also, we discovered that Quartzsite must be the RV capital of the world. We’ve never seen so many campers on wheels. Another thing, if you are into flea markets then you must come here. There are blocks and blocks of tents with people selling their wares. Amazing!

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