To Ozona TX

January 9


If you are one of the bad guys then you will not want to visit the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. This place is strictly for law abiding citizens and lovers of peace and justice.


It is located in Waco TX. Ellen insisted that we attend. Secret: As a child she aspired to be the Lone Rangerette. The museum did not disappoint as it had a collection dedicated to the masked man!

It seemed to us that as we drove further away from Interstate 35 that Texas became less green and more desert like. We chose not to take most of Interstate 10 to get to Ozona TX, opting for a much prettier ride with much less traffic. Besides, the speed limit most of the way on the two lane roadway was 75 mph!


One mystery that was solved from previous trips: Funny green balls were growing on many trees. These were mistletoe! Our trip leader on our cruise on the River Seine last year explained it to us. Mistletoe is a parasite that grows on several trees throughout the world and is always green. Hence, its use at Christmas time. It’s funny we had to go to France to find it out.

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