To Oxnard CA

January 13


We headed home on our final day on the road only to find that it does rain in Southern California. From the desert we could see snow in the mountains. You have to understand out mentality here. We don’t see the white stuff very often. So, it’s not unusual for someone to ride his car up to the hills and then pile snow on his vehicle. It’s one of those “guess where I’ve been having fun and you haven’t been”  type of things.


We saw a middle school cut in half by a major intersection. The street guards must be one duty all day long. Later we spotted a fellow getting himself arrested. It’s definitely a poor way to start off the new year. Too bad.


We did notice something interesting about the windmills by Palm Springs. They all shut down during the rain and then commenced working after the rain. Must be a safety thing. Anyway, we’re glad to be home. Hope you enjoyed our trips as much as we did!

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