To Beaumont TX

January 7


Today’s plans were simple: Pick up Tickle from the kennel and take off to Beaumont TX. After retrieving our beloved dog, Ellen asked, “Where’s my iPad?” So we headed back to our hotel and she found it exactly where she left it — on the seat by the front desk.


“How could your forget it?”

“It’s simple.”


Jorge will never ask again. Its a relationship thing. ;-)


In Baton Rouge LA we planned to visit the USS Kidd for a tour. However, it was closed due to the ice created on the ship’s deck by the cold weather from last night’s storm. It was too slippery. Too bad.

Not far from the ship at the Baton Rouge City Hall we found the tomb site of Huey Long, killed at the age of 42 and probably the most admired (but not by all) politician in Louisiana. The people thought that it would be fitting that he be buried by the building he was shot in.

Miss Rose’s Bar

We found a Cajun Jam in progress at Vermilionville in Lafayette LA and Jorge joined right in with his tiny, traveling guitar. What fun!


Heading out of town we took a photo of a statue honoring firemen. He pointed in one direction while the conflagration was behind him. Hmm?!?


There are two, identical and very large statues of Justice with a blindfold on to indicate that Justice is blind, of course. In this case, maybe, Justice has no brains (or just has an opened mind). Your guess is as good as it gets.


Crossing in to Texas we are greeted with a generous speed limit of 75 mph. One wide street had a maximum speed limit of 50 mph!

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