To Phoenix AZ

January 11


Heading toward a couple of drive by shootings (with our cameras) we spotted a horse on a very tall tower. I wonder how they got up there to put graffiti on it? It took more fortitude than any of us could muster. Then there was the boot with the windmill coming up the middle. Who thinks of these things?

At a local park we spotted a big, big Indian carved from wood. Entitled Dineh (the Navajo People), this sculpture is the 54th in a series created by Peter Toth and honors all Native Americans of New Mexico. Did you see the giant red chili pepper?


We think it has something to do with ristra. It is an arrangement of drying chile pepper pods, garlic bulbs, or other vegetables for later consumption. In addition to its practical use, the ristra has come to be a trademark of decorative design in the state of New Mexico. Typically, large chiles such as New Mexico chiles and Anaheim peppers are used, although any kind of chile may be used to construct a ristra. TMI? Blame Wikipedia.

Jorge wanted to go to a movie set ghost town but it was closed. Instead, Ellen found Gammons Gulch online. It is owned by Jay Gammons and he personally gives tours twice daily from Wednesdays through Sundays.


He has been building this ghost town for 40 years! Several TV shows and movies have been shot here. He himself, since a child, has been interested in movies and has been in some since the age of five. His tour guide skills prove he is still a performer.


Is it possible to love someone you’ve just met? Jay Gammon is that fellow. He is humorous, historical and a star in our eyes. Next time we see the movie Rio Bravo (with John Wayne) we will be looking out for that little Mexican boy beating the drum. That’s Jay!


He is a delight and a hard working man. We highly recommend that everyone take an easy detour to a special place, Gammons Gulch. Unfortunately, we have permission to show only a few pictures but we highly recommend that people visit Jay. Then we were off to Phoenix.

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