To Belton TX

January 8


Before leaving Beaumont TX we headed to a unique memorial dedicated to the firemen who lost their lives in New York City on September 11, 2001. It was a cold morning but it warmed our hearts to know that many people appreciate the dangerous work that the men in the fire departments do for us.

Along the way we spotted a boy removing some road-kill by the off-ramp meridian. One can only wonder what he intended to do with it?


We arrive at the Museum of the American GI in College Station TX. Somehow we always seem to find these small treasures honoring our veterans and fallen heroes.

To the left you’ll find a close up picture of some dog tags that our fallen heroes wore. It was simple but very moving way of honoring each men who wore one.

Ellen’s brother Danny and his wife Beverly live in Belton TX…the half-way mark on our trip to California. They’ve built for themselves what we called the Taj. It was featured in last January’s trip.


Today it is fully furnished and supremely comfortable. It no longer reminds us of the empty Taj but a warm, cozy place to live in. Well done!


Needless to say, we will always look forwarded to visiting such gracious and wonderful family members. Hopefully, when it isn’t so cold!

Danny had a surprise light show to take us to located about 4 miles from his home at the Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area. (BLORA). It is located on Fort Hood’s military grounds. We’d say that the light show curves around and stretches for miles. It is an annual event going on its 21st anniversary. Click here to check out a video on YouTube.

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