In New Orleans LA

January 6


The forecast for New Orleans today was rain and the weathermen was certainly right. We dressed for the occasion and took a cab to drop off our dog, Tickle, at a care center until tomorrow when we leave. It was the best for all of us as the National World War II Museum was not taking dogs.


We walked to the museum in the rain and after spending the better part of the day there we walked to our hotel in the rain and wind. That evening we found a nice restaurant in the French Quarter named Oceana Grill. We recommend it for its good service and great Cajun food. Ellen gorged herself with the largest oysters she’d ever seen. Then she had her main meal (Redfish Jambalaya and Collards) and left the plate clean. Jorge had an adventurous hamburger.


We planned on checking out a traditional Dixieland band at the Preservation Hall so we headed there in the rain and wind. The nice lady at the door told us that we had to wait in line until they opened exactly at 8:00 p.m. (we were half-an-hour early). Also, they had no food, drinks nor bathrooms. We stood in line for a minute and realized the foolishness of it and walked back to our hotel in the rain and wind. Did I mention the rain and wind?

Steven Ambrose was an American writer and historian. His work for the Eisenhower Center, specifically his work with D-Day veterans, inspired him to found the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans. Ambrose initiated fundraising by donating $500,000.

He dreamed of a museum that reflected his deep regard for our nation's citizen soldiers, the workers on the Home Front and the sacrifices and hardships they endured to achieve victory. He secured large contributions from the federal government, state of Louisiana, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and many smaller donations from former students, who answered a plea made by Ambrose in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. A year after his death in 2002 Congress recognized his dream as The National World War II Museum.

This was our second evening walking down Bourbon Street looking for excitement…with umbrellas over our heads as it continued to rain. The tall flames emanating from the kitchen were all Ellen’s fault, I’m sure. :-) Cooking oysters this way is how the Oceana Grill perfects them. Hint: Don’t ever get in the way of Ellen and her oysters!

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