Day 3

Tuesday 1/8

Nashville TN


Little Rock AR

One of the interesting point of interest while going through Jackson TN is the Benson Sculpture made of stone, steel, water and stands 18’ x 60‘ x 200’. We will have to plan to visit that sculpture garden sometime.  We drove by the Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame Museum in town but didn’t go through because we had done so on a previous trip.


What we did do is go to the Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum in Memphis TN. It was a tour and an interesting one. We even got to go down into the cellar where the run away slaves hid. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs. Still, we recommend it as a very educational place to visit.


Today’s drive was pretty straight forward… to Little Rock AR to visit the All Aboard Restaurant and Grill.  A video of the small trains was taken in 2011 and posted on YouTube. It is on the right and ready for you to see. Yes, the food was excellent too!


You can see what Jorge does to unpack the car each evening when we arrive at each hotel. He earns his keep!