Day 9

Monday 1/14

Quartzsite AR


Oxnard CA

The California desert is a beautiful place. The mountains often look as if a child cut them out of paper and placed them in a mosaic art project. Today we had to take a photo of a memorial dedicated to June McCarroll who is the supposed inventor of the center line on the road. She claimed that, “In 1917 my Model T Ford and I found ourselves face to face with a truck on the paved highway. It did not take me long to choose between a sandy berth to the right and a ten-ton truck to the left! Then I had my idea of a white line painted down the center of the highways of the country as a safety measure.” Thanks June!


Next we stopped and took a photograph of the VW Spider. What a hoot! In the same lot there appeared to be a private Tiki Garden. The tower featured a spider and web.


Yes, it started to rain today but it was a much needed one. However, since it doesn’t rain often, the people of Southern California aren’t used to driving in the rain. Automobile accidents seem to rise toward the start of a storm. You’ll see a couple photographed here.


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, there is one photo, the last one, in today’s collection that explains why Ellen prefers to live in Oxnard CA at this time of the year. We had a wonderful trip and hope that everyone viewing it enjoyed it too.