Day 6

Friday 1/11

Belton TX


Stockton TX

Drinking all night didn’t hurt us any in the morning. We were all smiles and grins…after the coffee and Beverly’s terrific breakfast.


Today both of our GPS systems managed to get us lost but the nice soldiers at Fort Hood TX got us straightened out. When we have long rides, as we did today, we always seem to find interesting places to see. There are always murals, statues of every kind, funny signs and we always seem to make new discoveries.


Jorge found a neat restaurant for lunch in Brady TX. It is called the Locker Sports Bar and Grill.  We have photos of the bar and looking. back one can see that people in town love football. What does one do at most sports bars? Drink beer! So, it makes sense that the men’s bathroom sports a beer keg as a urinal. Check out that photo! You can get your very own at Amazon.


The Alley Oop Land is a park and today it looked as if the rain closed it down. However, we managed a few photos. Love the cavalry silhouettes! Only in America.