Day 5

Thursday 1/10

Dallas TX


Belton TX

Being that Ellen always wanted to be the female version of the Lone Ranger, we rode our car over to the Cowgirl Museum. It is an impressive building and the interior exhibits are done well. Bottom line, it is the Annie Oakley show. Maybe as time goes on more historic cowgirls will be shown.


The Texas Civil War Museum’s building is long. As you go in, on the right side are the Confederate exhibits and the Union exhibits are on the opposite wall.  You walk down one side and then go to the other. The Texans and Confederacy had much success toward the beginning of the war but could not sustain the effort. The North’s industrial might and man power was too much to overcome in the long run.  There is a fantastic collection of 19th Century women clothing exhibit. Check out the underwear picture. ;-)

Our next adventure involved us in trying to find the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum. We drove in circles all over Fort Worth TX trying to find it. Just as we quit looking for it we spotted a poster on the side of a wall. What we didn’t know is that it has recently relocated and we could not get the right address. When we finally did, it was in a building whose signs had been blown away by the wind…all but one that is.


Wayne, the curator, explained that the exhibits were yet to go up. Most things were here and there. He did talk to us for an hour and related some cowboy stories and mentioned that Bass Reeves was the inspiration for getting the museum started. He may have been a black man but he must have been the inspiration for the masked Lone Ranger. Then we headed to Dan (Ellen’s brother) and his wife Bev’s home. We had a great day!