Day 4

Wednesday 1/9

Little Rock AR


Dallas TX

Tickle sleeps overnight in her kennel but has an extra bed the rest of the time we are in hotels. Check out Ellen and that packed hotel cart. Tickle’s kennel was already packed in the car. So, we were on the road again. Do you known anything about aluminum?


Bauxite is used to make aluminum but only one house in the world is made from it and the house is located in Benton AR. Next door we found a fantastic Victorian style home. What a treat! Then we were off to Hope AR. During WWII it had been staffed with thousands of military people and Paul Klipsch was one who stayed. The rest went home after the war.

He is known for the development of high-efficiency folded horn loudspeaker. There is a museum in Hope dedicated to his art. Jim Hunter takes great pride in giving tours and explaining the intricate details to us novices. He’ll even give you a four part tour at YouTube. Click here if you are interested in learning more from him.


So, it’s only natural that we stopped in Mount Pleasant TX to view the Thomas Edison Phonograph Museum. It’s located in a basement room under Hoover’s Jewelry. David Hoover is passionate about history and loves exhibiting the Edison Phonograph. Video to the right is not from this museum but a representation of what the phonograph sounds like.


In Royse City TX you can find yourself many fine, large homes and the Futuro House too. Unfortunately, vandals and neglect have let this little space ship start to decay. Makes one wonder about what the floor plan was. YouTube to the rescue. Click here for an instructive video.