Day 8

Sunday 1/13

Lordsburg NM


Blythe CA

We now know what Tickle dreams of as she naps…dog treats! She’s definitely been spoiled. Her favorite is getting a Kong


We decided that we wanted to see the heart of Arizona. We took took US Routes 70 and 60. In the town of Safford AZ we stopped to take a photo of a silo converted into a home. Who thinks of these things?


There is lots of beautiful country to see. You’ll find mansions next to shanty towns and everything else in between. There are so many pictures we’d like to share with you but it’s best you take the road yourself. This is Apache territory! In Globe AZ we had lunch and then headed to the Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park and Museum


Next to the small museum are the remains of an ancient pueblo. It had been the home to the Salado people. We had not heard of  them before. There is restoration in progress but the neatest thing is to walk through the site. Jorge only needed a fedora, a bullwhip and a satchel to become Indiana Jones. Just like Dr. Jones, Jorge is afraid of snakes.


The term Besh Ba Gowah was originally given by the Apaches to the early settlement of  Globe. Roughly translated, the term means “place of metal.”

The partially restored ruins, along with the adjacent museum provide a fascinating glimpse at the lifestyle of the people who occupied this region over two centuries before Columbus discovered the “New World.”


We think that the toughest part of this drive was going through Phoenix AZ.  It’s not that the traffic was heavy. It wasn’t. It must be that beautiful back country compared to the concrete barriers of the freeways. The odds are that we may take this road again.