We arrived before the Coal Country Miniature Golf course opened. We wanted to take pictures from the outside but unfortunately, it was on top of a hill and hard to shoot.

It’s fascinating to see a real monorail being used in Morgantown WV. Disneyland popularized it beginning in the 1950’s. One thought it was the way of the future but it didn’t work out that way. The students of West Virginia University must love it.

The town had some nice murals but it was very tough to get them because the streets were so small, tight and the blocks were short. This is an old but beautiful town.

And off we went to see if we could spot Noah’s Ark (being rebuilt) from the road. We were successful. Yes, there were a few other places we wanted to get pictures of but could not find them. That happens sometimes.

We had a lovely ride getting to Winchester VA. Before arriving home we decided to treat ourselves to a Five Guy’s hamburger with fries. Yep, we had a mighty fine trip!

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