We drove by the entrance of the Fort Bridger State Museum. It was too early to visit so we decided to come back another day.

Rawlins WY proved to be an interesting and pretty little town. We took a picture of a car with two front ends and then headed to see the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum. Alas, it is not pet friendly so we decided to drive to the Wyoming Territory Prison Museum instead.

In the meantime, we walked Tickle by the Rawlins Depot Park close to our restaurant and found a cute railroad station. Next to it was a children’s play area. To our surprise, we also saw two young bucks feeding on the local vegetation. Can you spot them?

We knew we had to take a picture of the Edison Mural but were pleased to find that it wan’t the only one in town. We have a couple pictured here.

Upon arriving at the pet friendly Wyoming Territory Prison Museum we discovered that Tickle had to stay out of buildings. So, it was back to the car for her but we went in.

Butch Cassidy spent a couple of years here. One thing for sure, neither Ellen nor I ever want to be incarcerated!

Next, we drove by and took a picture of a giant head of Abe Lincoln. Really, it is not little. We are at our hotel now and hope that the California fire smoke goes away soon.

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