After enjoying breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Ham and Eggs we headed out of Reno toward Pyramid Lake, NV. Yes, it’s another lake by the same name as mentions on day 1 of this trip. Except for the haze from the California fires, the ride was beautiful.

Our first view of the lake was from high above and it is big! The Paiute Indian reservation encompasses the lake and area around it. There is a pyramid looking island for which the lake is named. It is not to be confused with the bigger island named Anaho Island which is a national wildlife refuge.

We drove by Winnemucca Lake. It is a dry bed lake. It is not to be confused with another lake in California by the same name (near Carson pass). There are petroglyphs in rocks located within the Indian reservation which are believed to be very old. We didn’t take the time to look for them because we wanted to see the art at Guru Road (A.K.A. Dooby Lane) just north of Gerlach NV in the Black Rock Desert. There are lots of rocks orderly placed in an orderly manner with “wise, guru” inscriptions on them. A small sample is pictured here.

Planet-X is a pottery shop. We met the owner, John, who said he found his home here 46 years ago by accident. He did not elaborate. We purchased a few trinkets and were on our way. 

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