Near Kearny NE, on Interstate 80, there is an Archway that houses a museum that honors the adventurers who followed the Platte River.

We visited the Superman Tree. Again, who thinks of doing these things? They even had a Superman flag flying below the Stars and Stripes!

Then we skated over to the National Museum of Roller Skating. It brought back many memories like when Ellen broke her left leg trying out her new skates. Her favorite part was listening to and watching an antique, animated music box playing ragtime.

We couldn’t help ourselves when we found out that there is a tombstone shaped like a roll-top desk. We wanted to see whether the dead are busy working overtime!

The Kregel Wind Factory Museum was closed. Sometimes it works that way.

While briefly traveling through a corner of Iowa (just outside of Omaha NE) we saw a large coffee pot water tower. Water tower owners can shape them as they wish!

We sped off and arrived at the National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City MO. We had no idea how wonderful it was or that it even existed! We arrived an hour before they closed and didn’t have time to go up the tower. Next time!

BTW, near our hotel is the Worlds of Fun Theme Park. No, we have no intention of going this time.

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