There are not a lot of pictures today but the ones we have should be interesting. Our goal today was to visit the New Harmony Dulcimer Company. They no longer have a store in town but have a workshop and plans are in the making to add a 400 square foot showroom.

Rick, Rob, and Paula gave us a personal tour. It was fascinating and they wanted to make sure we understood why they constructed their instruments as they did. We were easily convinced.

Ellen played a few dulcimers and the sound was proof that they knew what they were doing. It’s little wonder that they sell about 20 dulcimers monthly.

Then we drove to Indianapolis to see a Statue of Abraham Lincoln waving. Across the park is a World War Memorial and another reason to come back. We caught a few people filming in front of Abe but could make out what was going on. The light changed quickly and we were on our way to our hotel.

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