Just like yesterday, today was a smokey, hazy day. The wind was blowing the smoke from the California fires into Nevada and other states. Usually, the scenery in this area is pristine and one can see for miles. Not so much today! We could barely see across to the other side of major lakes. Mountains were obscured by the thick haze. We certainly hope that the fires get put out soon.

We revisited Mono Lake but the view just wasn’t there. So we hoped for more at Bodie. Check out the dusty road in the pictures. It’s that way for 3 miles before arriving.

We enjoyed the warm weather in our visit to Bodie. Last time we visited in October and it was freezing and windy. We didn’t stay long because we had been there before but it was still fun

Next up was Virginia City, NV. It’s not a ghost town as much as a tourist trap. Yet, it is worth visiting for its historical value and fun. The saloons are full of patrons and there are lots of people on the boardwalks. We chose to visit The Way It Was Museum. Lots of Comstock era paraphernalia is exhibited. It’s a pet friendly place. It seems that the whole town doesn’t mind pets. Tickle found a rabbit on a leash and dearly wanted to make friends. We even found several unescorted horses walking the streets. It was Ellen’s birthday too. What a great day!

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